I will be posting details about my entire journey of wedding planning, but I would have to say after I got over all the stressful moments, it was by far one of my favorite memories.From planning, to dress shopping,to venue choices,to bridesmaids, decor, flowers, honeymoon,photograph and much more. It was all an emotional process that you grow to love in the end.

Top 10 Items you need on your to do list: 

Pick a date, Create Guest List, Pick Bridesmaids/Groomsmen,Take Engagement Photos, Invitations/Savethe Dates, Venue, Decor, Floral, DJ/Entertainment and Honeymoon!

Even after all the planning, there were still things that didn’t end up the way I wanted. That part of it is inevitable. Stay tune to all my in’sand outs and advice I will be sharing to help ensure you have a close to flawless wedding day. I call it my imperfectly best day of my life. 

Click to check out the Huffington Post’s “22 Romantic Real Wedding Photos With A Whole Lot Of Love” All the brides and grooms looked amazing. My husband and I were #5 on the list. Such a great memory. 

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