Viseart Palette


I have been obsessed with this pretty little number since September. I would say fall is my favorite season because of all the amazing colors that it brings.

This palette would definitely be a considered a more high end brand. At is whopping cost of $80, I don’t regret spending any bit of it. Viseart palettes are professional eye shadow palette that can be used for defining eyes and brows, and even using it for contouring and highlighting the face.

The Viseart formula is created in small tightly-controlled batches to maintain pigment quality, powder integrity, and consistency. Can i just say that the pigmentation is Wonderful
The name of this palette is: 04 Dark Matte

These shades are dramatic, rich and bold. It will add an extra depth of color to any eye look. This palette is perfect for a great smokey eye and also a great neutral eye. I love the Navies, Greens, Orange and Browns this palette has to offer. 

If you are attracted to this as much as I am, no worries, you can purchase this great palette by clicking on

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