One of my favorite meals is pasta! Of course it is probably not the best meal if dieting, but substituting the whole wheat pasta with zucchini pasta would be equally as great and with way less calorie consumption.



Pasta is a traditional Italian dish that dates back to year 1154 in the beautiful country of Sicily. Pasta is generally a simple dish, but comes served in many ways. The combinations you can make are endless.

When choosing which type of pasta and sauce to serve together, there is NO general rule.

Just keep in mind that simple sauces like pesto are ideal for long and thin strands of pasta because they lightly coat your pasta while tomato sauce combines well with thicker and chunkier pastas because it allows the sauce to cling better onto the holes and cuts of short, tubular, and twisted pastas.

My Dish:

I made whole wheat 

pasta coated in a 

kale pesto and sun 

dried tomato cream sauce. 

It was yummy!

🙂 You Will Need:

Pasta: Racconto Whole Wheat Pasta     pic-5

TomatoesPastene Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Hot Sauce: Mattock’s West Indian Hot Sauce

Pasta Sauce: Sonoma Gourmet Kale Pesto Sauce

Oil: Rosemary Infused Oil

Shrimp and Sausage of your choice 

Mozzarella cheese or whatever you prefer!

You’ll need a cup and a half of water or cream and top it off with freshly cut parsley.



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