frequent flier


There’s something about traveling that I love! It make’s my spirit happy. Huffington Post shared that traveling has the ability to increase your well-being. Which I completely agree with. Traveling allows me to challenge my boundaries and step out of my comfort zone. I find that, I am more willing to take on things that I would not have thought of exploring if I was home within my natural habitat. For example, on one of the cruise trips, I decided to hold an iguana and go swimming with sting rays all in one day. If anyone knows me, I don’t do well with wild animals so I had no business part taking in such activities, but I still did it! I will admit that the adrenaline you get while being adventurous is one in a million. I won’t say that I’ll go to the extreme to get it, but when it does naturally happen through life’s trial and error, I have learned to welcome it. 

airplaneMy favorite airline to fly with would be JetBlue. Although, they might not have arrivals and departures in every location around the world, I still check with them first before checking other airlines. JetBlue Airways Corporation, is the 6th-largest airline in the United States and did I forget to mention their low cost! I’ve purchased one way tickets for as low as $47 and have made round trips for $99. I’ve traveled with them so often, I decided to join their frequent flyer loyalty program a few years ago. It’s a program rewarding those of us who fly regularly with them or who fly long distances.  Since then, I’ve travelled close to free on two difference occasions. Yes, almost free. The points you rack up overtime is put toward the cost of the ticket, but you would still be responsible for taxes. Yup, taxes definitely suck, but looking at the glass half full, you can get a free ticket that you only had to pay taxes on. That still sounds like a win to me.

I am not as involved with any other airline travel programs, but would love to hear of other goodies some have to offer. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations on what your preferred airline to travel with is?


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