So Kate


I Love Shoes! One of my reasons is because my shoe size never changes so it never disappoints me. My shoes always fit. Whereas, my clothes, that’s another story. My favorite pairs are of course my red bottoms! My black suede pair to be exact. There is something about suede textured shoes that makes me happy. I  wear my Louboutin’s on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, date nights on vacation, but of course whatever the plans are, there MUST be seating involved. The cliche motto that Beauty is pain…well in this case, that is very true. If you love heels, I would say, you need at least one pair in your life. The minute you put them on, you get an instant boost of self confidence. 



red2These pointed toe beauties have a superfine stiletto heel which gives any woman who dares to wear them an eye-catching allure. These pumps have a dramatic pitch that provides  a supremely sexy 120mm lift.  I have 4 pairs. Two of them are patent leather, nude and black and the other two pairs are suede, black and lavender. Today the Louboutin brand  includes a line of handbags, lipstick, nail polish, and accessories.

I purchase all my Louboutin goodies from Barney’s New York and Bergdorf Goodman.



-Pointed toe.

-Patent leather or suede covered stiletto heel.

-Slips ons.

-Signature red leather sole.

-Available in a variety of colors. 

Go take a look ! 




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