Travel Tips


Top 5 Tips: When Traveling

  • Whether you’re packing for work or fun, pack only the necessities. Remember, you still need to unpack.
  • Travel really early or really late. I hate crowds, so I usually fly at 5am no matter where I am going so that I don’t have to deal with the chaos the airport often brings.
  • Always arrive to the airport at least 1 hour early. It makes you feel less rushed and anxious when trying to get to the gate.
  • If you can, try only bringing 1 carryon and 1 personal item. I usually bring a mini suitcase as my carryon and my personal item is usually an oversized bag that I put my makeup, wallet, sunglasses, passport, and 1 crossbody bag that end up using on my trip.
  • Bring enough footwear. I feel like everyone always overthinks their outfits and under thinks their feet. Always bring flip-flops, heels, walking shoes, and sneakers. You should have 4 pairs of shoes for every trip. Out of your four, you should be wearing one of them so you have only 3 pairs taking up space in your bag.
  • Only pack your top toiletries and make sure there are travel sizes. No bigger than 3.4oz. Sometimes, I just buy toiletries when I get to my destination. It’s not always cost effective, but I’ll do anything to maintain my sanity.
  • To condense space, pack outfits that can be worn in both a casual and dressy setting. This will allow you to always be prepared for events that may come up unexpectedly.

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