Louboutin Velvet Matte Lip


Every girl loves a great lip color. What better way than to make your lips pop by using these great Velvet Matte Lip color by Christian Louboutin. These are one of my favorite lipsticks, so of course I had to share. The lip color glides on effortlessly! These lipsticks are extremely pigmented. Although these are marketed as matte, it provides a non-drying comfort on the lips and has more of a suede finish. It’s not as shiny as the traditional satin finish, but definitely a great twist for the trendy matte lip. My lips were left feeling soft and moisturized. For the price of $90, I am glad to say that it was worth it!

I was also impressed by the packaging. Each lip color features a unique elixir vial design with a silk ribbon to transform the lipstick into a necklace. They have a solid black or gold metal body and a crown cap. The colors are available in three finishes: silky satin, velvet matte, and sheer voile. Each kind has its own special design. Each Rouge Louboutin shade comes in a black lipstick case, and all the other shades are encased in a gold case.

These beauties are packaged elegantlyswatches and are easy to apply. I wouldn’t recommend traveling with them. I’ve been stopped twice by TSA because they too wanted to see what the hype was all about!

I have the following four colors: Dialouzi 405m, Rouge 001m, Eton Moi 330m, and Zoulou 715m. (swatches are also in that order top to bottom). 

The formula is splendid too. It is formulated with natural oils and seed butters to enhance moisturize. My moisture lasted up to 3 hours before I felt any kind of dryness; which can easily be solved by reapplying or adding some chapped stick or moisturizer on your lips prior to your initial application. These lip colors are available in a variety of shades.

Check it out!

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