My lip color selection has evolved over the years. I was about 16 when I started dabbling into makeup. Like, most my age, I started off with lip gloss. The natural lip with exotic scents. Berry, strawberry, cherry, cupcake, vanilla, cotton candy…name it, they made it and I probably had it. I’m sure my mom was glad when that phase of my teenage years moved on.

My first lipstick, first eye shadow, first brush, first foundation, and literally my first everything came from MAC. I didn’t really know much about the products I bought or if they were even meant for my skin type. I would often times only buy eye shadows and with zero technique slab on one color over the lids. I cringe thinking of how my makeup looked back then. Good thing I never had the habit of packing on too much. Modest ugliness never hurt anyone.

A few decades later I still love the products that MAC has to offer. Now, I am able to go in and buy exactly what I need and know its purpose. I have not bought any eye shadows in the last couple of years. Not because they aren’t good, but because I have so much of other products that I still need to get through. What I do constantly buy from MAC is their Lipsticks: specifically, their matte lipsticks. I have bought a few of their satin lipsticks as well, but I tend to drift toward the matte no matter what brand I’m shopping.


MAC’s matte lipstick brings such great color to any look your going for. They offer an array of great shades of color. I would agree with most that, MAC matte lipsticks has great color payoff and are long lasting. An important thing to keep in mind when wearing matte lipstick, with most brands is moisture. You need to make sure your lips are moisturized before application. If not, you will have a mess exposing every dry crease in your lips. For those of you who prefer Satin finishes, they too are long lasting and offer great pigmentation without the drying factor as their matte counterpart. Satin finishes are my second choice. Not all colors come in matte, so when that occurs, I don’t mind settling for satin. On my most recent purchase, I went by the MAC counter at Macy’s and picked up two new shades.They are great shades for fall/winter seasons.“In My Fashion” and “Matte Royal” were my picks for that day. They are dark, rich, and sets a great tone for a bold lip. “Matte Royal” is definitely a more fashion forward shade. It’s a deep blue/purple shade. “In My Fashion” is a warm black that has a touch of brown. This is the perfect in between for a black or dark brown lip. 


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