No More Excuses


excusesNow, I will assume that because it’s a New Year, you have set a resolution for yourself. Wanting to change an undesired trait or behavior is a great idea! So January 1st is officially the new beginning for most of us, but did you know 92% of resolutions fail and ONLY 8% of the population actually succeeds. Yikes! I have sadly been apart of the 92% all too often. Statistically, I am sure many of you have helped me contribute to the failure rate. Roughly about 50% of all “New Year Resolutions” fail after 15 days. Not because people aren’t capable, but because they did not hold themselves accountable. They made other things a priority leaving another year of zero growth.

Accountability is a key component that I feel many people lack. I often run into situations where instead of people looking at what they could have done to make or break a situation, they would rather create scenarios where someone or something else is the culprit to their demise. Sorry, but hopping back into reality, solving anything successfully consists of you being able to analyze your actions first. Your actions are the only factors that you have 100% control over. Think of it this way. Why would you trust anyone to warranty your success and growth? Success is a personal entity. You own it. It’s yours.

Only when you assume
full accountability for
your thoughts, feelings,
actions, and results
can you direct your
own destiny…

I came across many resolutions that people set for themselves. The top five are below along with what the top five should be in order to see results. Practicality is vital.

Top 5 cliché resolutions:

I’m going to stop procrastinating

I’m going to workout everyday

I’m going to be super organized

I’m going to save all my money

I’m going to stop smoking

Top 5 obtainable and more practical resolutions:

I’m going to complete one task early weekly.

I’m going to work out three times a week.

I’m going to implement a planner weekly.

I’m going to save $100 every payday.

I’m going to treat myself for every week I don’t smoke.

By no means am I saying that the cliché goals are not obtainable. What I am saying is if you have not ever achieved your goal before, why would you assume you could wake up the next day and miraculously be cured of your bad habits? If that was the case, than it wouldn’t be classified as a bad habit after all. People need to be realistic and honest with themselves. Every year consists of the same number of months, days, hours and minutes. This leads to so much time to improve and become a better version of you. Keeping in mind, it takes 21 days to build a habit. Having a short and precise timeline allows you to not be disappointed and also helps your quality of success to flourish.



We’re human! We love reward, but if you’re not setting your goals to where you can see and measure your progress than they will fall to wayside and before you know it, 10, 20, 30 years will pass and the same resolution will come knocking again and again. Goals need to have phases. Depending on your goal, it could very well take a couple years. Building a better version of you takes time. Don’t rush. Enjoy the process!

As a reminder, remaining accountable for our resolutions and life goals is essential if you want to succeed. It’s your personal choice to rise above your circumstances. Take the ownership necessary for achieving desired results by seeing it, owning it, solving it, and doing It. Let 2017, be the year we all learn to be accountable for our actions and paths to personal growth

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