White Teeth


pre-white-teethMany of you might have seen the new trendy way to whiten your teeth. I was a fan of this method simply because it was “natural”. Who doesn’t like natural? I’m of course talking about that messy paste that is pitch black that you see everyone brushing their teeth with… It’s called activated charcoal! It may sound crazy, but adding the use of activated charcoal as part of your dental hygiene regiment is extremely effective if you are looking for a brighter smile and a cleaner less toxic mouth in general. You can find this gem in capsule or powder form. No worries, it’s tasteless and odorless.


When I first used activated charcoal back in June 2016, it kind of freaked me out. Especially since it looked poisonous to me. No worries, activated charcoal does not just whiten your teeth but it also removes the toxins in your body. When you brush with charcoal, it absorbs toxins that are on your teeth’s surface. Your body will not soak up charcoal if ever you ingest some of it because it will actually go to the GI system. Phew! Glad to know that you and I won’t die over this.

I would definitely recommend this product. You don’t have to order the specific brand, you can pick up activated charcoal capsules from your local pharmacy (CVS, Walgreens, etc.) and break them open to release the powder that you will need to brush your teeth.

  1. dip toothbrush into the activated carbon powder
  2. Brush teeth for 6-10 minutes
  3. Rinse out mouth until black tint is gone
  4. Brush teeth with regular mint toothpaste 
  5. Top it off with some mouth wash!

There is no wrong or right way on how you choose to use this. After using it for almost a year, I just developed the routine on how it works best for me. Would you try this product?

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