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I am new to the blogging world, but am loving every second of it! After graduating college in 2012, I have since completed grad school, planned a wedding, had a few emotional breakdowns (lol), got married, , traveled, launched mme.jpgy blog site, gained self love, all while still searching for the truest form of myself. 

I have been facing the real world in a whole new way and with that came a desire to connect even deeper with people about the challenges and life defining moments that being in the awkward stages of your mid-twenties’ bring. I decided to start a Blog that will create interest on a variety of topics such as food, fashion, beauty, wedding planning, relationships, and eventually motherhood in addition to music and travel. I plan to be transparent and discuss many different aspects of my life and in return, I will enjoy getting to know and sharing ideas with all my readers.

I look forward to you all coming on this road to personal growth with me. I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Blogs about food, fashion, 
beauty, and lifestyle. 
A space aimed to share 
moments in life that 
inspire, intrigue, 
and entice happiness 
one day at a time.