September Favs


I love beauty products and will try anything at least once as long as it has  good reviews. Good reviews are always my weakness. If you get enough people to like it, than that means I am trying it! There has been plenty of times where I’ve tried things that just weren’t meant for me, but in contrary, I have also discovered a lot of great products with this system I have going for myself. Everyone has their own preferences, so I say “try” purposefully because just because it worked for you, doesn’t mean it will necessarily work for the next person. We all have different skin types and certain shades of make up look better depending on skin tone. In my opinion, it doesn’t hurt to try. I like to know that I can eliminate certain products from my wish-lists!


For the month of 
September, I have picked my 
top 7 beauty products! 


I have faithfully used these 7 products for months now and plan on keeping them until of course I discover my next favorite.  I give these products nothing less than 4.5 stars out of a 5 star scale. I wouldn’t call them perfection but pretty damn close.

The Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Star Palette is a palette with 18 shades. With this palette   , it easily creates gorgeous eye looks. It includes four Crystal Eyeshadows, nine Creamy Mattes, three Metallic, and two Duo-Chromes with silky-soft textures. These shadows are long-lasting and extremely buildable and blendable. The palette is on the pricey side, BUT, the pigmentation of each shade is to die for.

Natasha Deanna’s Sculpt and Glow is the perfect touch for any makeup look. It is a six-piece, highlighting and contouring palette to sweep on subtle contours. The highlighting and contouring creams are formulated with properties that support anti-aging, are high in antioxidants, and contain sunflower seed and jojoba to hydrate skin. Designed to subtly contour and highlight facial features without making them appear too sharp or subtle, this palette leaves your complexion with a natural looking glow.

blur palette

The Kat Von D Lock It Foundation is my daily go to lately. It has a nice finish and blends quickly. It is high-pigmented, provides full-coverage with a matte finish. Did I mention that it lasts 24-hours. With my experience with it, I usually touch up one time throughout the day because I tend to get oily in my T zone. In addition, for those who are interested in the ingredients, this foundation has ZERO: paragons, sulfates, and phthalates.

My Lash Boost that I purchased a few months ago has been heaven sent. It is a nightly eyelash conditioning serum that improves the appearance of lash volume and length within weeks. To anyone trying to grow out their lashes, this baby is amazing. My bottom lashes were basically nonexistent. Three weeks after using this product, I actually could see my bottom lashes. (be sure to check back to see my results from this lash serum). cover

Fiori by Vince Camuto is one of my daily wears lately. I fell in love with bottle first. Thank god it smelled great. This fragrance is a summer scent. Fiori, means “Flowers” in Italian and because it’s a fresh, light and feminine scent, it’s name is perfect. It smells like it sounds. It has top notes of luscious pink grapefruit and ripened white nectarine which provides a beautiful, purifying backdrop for base notes of rich sandalwood and creamy blonde cedar wood.

Face masks mean everything to me. Recently, I purchased Sand & Sky and this will be added to my skin regiment. It is an Australian botanical infused pink clay mask that that instantly detoxes, tightens pores, invigorates dull complexions and instantly boost radiance. The instructions say to use 2-3 times a week if you have oily to combination skin, or 1-2 times weekly if you have dry or sensitive skin. 

Becca’s collaboration palette with Chrissy Teigen has become my everyday wear. If you are trying to achieve a great summer glow, this palette is for you! Although summer is almost over, I will probably still use it into part of the fall, until I start craving my plum like colors. This palette help you create that effortless, natural, authentic beauty look. It is a highlighter, blush, and bronzer, all in one! One stop shop 🙂

blur palette 2

If you're interested in trying out any of these amazing products, just click on any of the links below 🙂

 Becca x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette

 Kat Von D Lock It Foundation 

Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask 

 Rodan + Fields Enhancements Lash Boost

 Natasha Denona Star Palette

 Natasha Denona Sculpt & Glow

Fiori by Vince Camuto




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  • Sephora Eyeshadow brush set
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  • Boscia Luminizing Mask
  • Pink Coconut Hand Cream

contest image

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The brand that many makeup junkies like myself had to try was the trending #KylieCosmetics eyeshadows. Kylie Jenner, little sister to the tv reality stars, the Kardashians, launched Kylie Cosmetics last year after the success of launching her liquid lip sticks and glosses. After revealing the Kylie Lip Kits to the world, her fans of course wanted more and she delivered. She created a platform for herself, sharing her best kept beauty secrets to her fans. I purchased her three eyeshadow palettes because I was curious. The three palettes available are: the bronze palette, the burgundy palette and the royal peach palette. I can honestly say that I like her eyeshadow formula’s and will remain a customer. Out of the three, my favorite one is the bronze palette. Although, I do think her palette’s are a little too pricey, but coming from a family of entrepreneurs, her customers are obviously paying for the brand name. The company that I found most similar that I also use is Colour Pop. I would suggest them as the alternate go to brand because they are more cost effective. Kylie products, like many brands nowadays, are not tested on animals and are talc and paragon free. The eyeshadows have medium buildable coverage and a velvety smooth texture. The pigmentation on a scale of 1-10, would be a 7.5.

The Burgundy Palette

The Burgundy palette was released on October 20th, 2016. It comes with 9 pressed powder eye shadows that can be used together to create your very own customized look. My 3 favorite colors that I often use from this palette are: penny, burgundy, and almond. I am attracted to earth tones and this palette did it for me. It was definitely the palette I overused for the fall. the burgundy shade is the perfect color to create a fall smokey-eye using browns and oranges. For the ladies out there that want to spin on your neutrals, this is the palette for you.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 10.25.00 PM

Naked (satin finish golden sand)

Beach (matte finish light warm brown)

Penny (matte finish red orange)

LA (metallic finish true copper)

Burgundy (matte finish bright red burgundy)

Dubai (metallic finish burgundy)

Brick (matte finish dirty brick)

NY (metallic finish warm bronze)

Almond (matte finish deep red brown)

The Bronze Palette

The Bronze palette was the first palette to be released. This one is my favorite. I can wear all the shades to work without being over the top. It comes with 9 pressed powder eye shadows that can be used to create the perfect neutral eye. It was a smart decision that a black eye shadow was included because it makes it easy to transform my day look into an evening look. My 3 favorite colors from this palette are: hematite, bronze and quartz.When I am not sure what look I am going for, this is the palette I run to. It makes it easy because all the colors are neutral, it doesn’t matter what color I may choose for my lip, I still manage to create a quick put together look without the effort. It ‘s a great travel palette  and I would recommend this to be your first purchase if you consider investing in any Kyshadows.  

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 10.25.27 PM

Jasper (matte finish creamy beige)

Quartz (satin finish champagne gold)

Topaz (matte finish true taupe)

Goldstone (satin finish bronze)

Citrine (matte finish bright orange)

Tiger Eye (matte finish light golden brown)

Hematite (matte finish chestnut brown)

Bronzite (matte finish chocolate brown)

Obsidian (matte finish black)


The Royal Peach Palette

This palette was released January 2017. I would consider this the super-sized and upgraded version in comparison to the previously released palettes. The Royal Peach palette has 12 eye shadow shades and also includes a brush and a mirror. Unlike the square compacted palettes like before, this one is long and rectangular. There are 11 warm-toned shimmer shades and one bright, royal blue hue. I could have done without it the brush because it doesn’t apply the shadows very well. On the brighter side of things, the shadows are actually quite pigmented.The mattes, which I prefer, were easy to use, blendable, and mostly buildable. Duke, Duchess and Cinnamon are the tones I use the most. Although, this is a very fun palette because of all the shimmer and lets not forget about that gorgeous royal blue, it is not a must have palette. It is a nice to have palette, but there are other options out there that would get more use. I find that I have to use other palette’s to enhance this one. If there were more matte shades vs the metallic, than I could have possibly felt different. A great gift option for someone who already has many make-up products. This palette will only enhance a  makeup junkie’s collection. Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 10.25.44 PM

Sorbet (matte finish light tangerine)

Seashell (metallic finish pink champagne)

Peachy (matte finish bright peach)

Royal (satin finish bright royal blue)

Queen Bee (metallic finish shimmering caramel)

Duke (metallic finish red copper)

Duchess (metallic finish bright cinnamon

Sandy (matte finish medium tan)

Mojito (metallic finish golden green)

North Star (metallic finish soft lilac)

Crush (satin finish peachy pink)

Cinnamon (matte finish burnt orange)



Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 9.38.51 PM.png

So I love trying out new products! A new one that I came across that I have been using is by Tatcha ! My first impression was “how the heck is a powder going to get my face clean?” Well folks, I was wrong. This powder turns into a creamy foam that cleanses and makes my face instantly soft and left feeling refreshed. It is a water activated enzyme powder, which is why it is able to cleanse well. Once water comes into contact with the powder, it transforms. My pores are bigger on my cheeks and since using this powder cleanser, the pores on my cheeks have shrunk!  

The Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder is a great polish that you can use daily. Lately I have been using it as my morning face wash. It is formulated with nourishing Japanese rice bran blended with papaya extracts. This product is non-sensitizing, non-irritating, cruelty-free, and dermatologist-tested. In addition, there are zero paragons, sulfates and phthalates. It’s ideal for all skin types because the gentle formula does not contain harsh abrasives. Other than shrinking my pores, it is also suppose to help reduce the look of fine lines and addresses uneven skin tone, hyper-pigmentation, and breakouts. The pearl protein extract conditions and balances the skin while natural exfoliants gently polish away dullness and dead skin cells, leaving great looking and really soft skin. 

I thought it was cool that the creator of this product, Victoria Tsai, made certain every product in her line is gentle and safe as it is effective for all, including pregnant women. She had suffered from acute dermatitis during her pregnancy, which lead to her amazing products. 

How to use:Tatcha

1. Begin with wet hands and a wet face. 
2. Pour about half a teaspoon into hands, add water, and rub hands together to create a creamy foam. 
3. Massage gently onto a wet face in circular motions for about 20 seconds.
4. Rinse and reveal softer, smoother skin.
5. Follow up with a moisturizer of your choice. 

White Teeth


pre-white-teethMany of you might have seen the new trendy way to whiten your teeth. I was a fan of this method simply because it was “natural”. Who doesn’t like natural? I’m of course talking about that messy paste that is pitch black that you see everyone brushing their teeth with… It’s called activated charcoal! It may sound crazy, but adding the use of activated charcoal as part of your dental hygiene regiment is extremely effective if you are looking for a brighter smile and a cleaner less toxic mouth in general. You can find this gem in capsule or powder form. No worries, it’s tasteless and odorless.


When I first used activated charcoal back in June 2016, it kind of freaked me out. Especially since it looked poisonous to me. No worries, activated charcoal does not just whiten your teeth but it also removes the toxins in your body. When you brush with charcoal, it absorbs toxins that are on your teeth’s surface. Your body will not soak up charcoal if ever you ingest some of it because it will actually go to the GI system. Phew! Glad to know that you and I won’t die over this.

I would definitely recommend this product. You don’t have to order the specific brand, you can pick up activated charcoal capsules from your local pharmacy (CVS, Walgreens, etc.) and break them open to release the powder that you will need to brush your teeth.

  1. dip toothbrush into the activated carbon powder
  2. Brush teeth for 6-10 minutes
  3. Rinse out mouth until black tint is gone
  4. Brush teeth with regular mint toothpaste 
  5. Top it off with some mouth wash!

There is no wrong or right way on how you choose to use this. After using it for almost a year, I just developed the routine on how it works best for me. Would you try this product?

My Before & After



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My lip color selection has evolved over the years. I was about 16 when I started dabbling into makeup. Like, most my age, I started off with lip gloss. The natural lip with exotic scents. Berry, strawberry, cherry, cupcake, vanilla, cotton candy…name it, they made it and I probably had it. I’m sure my mom was glad when that phase of my teenage years moved on.

My first lipstick, first eye shadow, first brush, first foundation, and literally my first everything came from MAC. I didn’t really know much about the products I bought or if they were even meant for my skin type. I would often times only buy eye shadows and with zero technique slab on one color over the lids. I cringe thinking of how my makeup looked back then. Good thing I never had the habit of packing on too much. Modest ugliness never hurt anyone.

A few decades later I still love the products that MAC has to offer. Now, I am able to go in and buy exactly what I need and know its purpose. I have not bought any eye shadows in the last couple of years. Not because they aren’t good, but because I have so much of other products that I still need to get through. What I do constantly buy from MAC is their Lipsticks: specifically, their matte lipsticks. I have bought a few of their satin lipsticks as well, but I tend to drift toward the matte no matter what brand I’m shopping.


MAC’s matte lipstick brings such great color to any look your going for. They offer an array of great shades of color. I would agree with most that, MAC matte lipsticks has great color payoff and are long lasting. An important thing to keep in mind when wearing matte lipstick, with most brands is moisture. You need to make sure your lips are moisturized before application. If not, you will have a mess exposing every dry crease in your lips. For those of you who prefer Satin finishes, they too are long lasting and offer great pigmentation without the drying factor as their matte counterpart. Satin finishes are my second choice. Not all colors come in matte, so when that occurs, I don’t mind settling for satin. On my most recent purchase, I went by the MAC counter at Macy’s and picked up two new shades.They are great shades for fall/winter seasons.“In My Fashion” and “Matte Royal” were my picks for that day. They are dark, rich, and sets a great tone for a bold lip. “Matte Royal” is definitely a more fashion forward shade. It’s a deep blue/purple shade. “In My Fashion” is a warm black that has a touch of brown. This is the perfect in between for a black or dark brown lip. 


Top 3 Foundations


The process of wearing foundation can go wrong oh so quickly. Often times, people wear the wrong color for their complexion. Do you go lighter or darker.The answer is, neither. Not all brands are meant for certain skin tones and types. For example, I purchased a foundation made by Burberry. Although it was the darkest shade in the line, it still didn’t work for my complexion. I currently use it as a highlighter/concealer because it was just too light to use all over. It’s best you choose a brand that caters to all skin colors so it leaves the options of mixing and creating that perfect shade just for you obtainable. My go-to foundations are made from Too Faced, MAC and Becca.  They leave my skin hydrated, while giving me long lasting full coverage.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

Too-Faced Born This Way Foundation is an oil-free foundation that blends so well and leaves the skin looking flawless.The coverage is so undetectable, tucking away all imperfections. The skin is left naturally radiant. I like mixing this foundation with others. Its the perfect base and when worn alone, it light and leaves my skin feeling hydrated. It’s a little watery but once setting powder is applied, it leaves me with a very natural and flawless look. I use the color maple. Check it out here.

BECCA Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème

I tend to reach for this foundation majority of the time. It conceals imperfections, redness, hyper-pigmentation, and uneven texture extremely well. Although BECCA’s formula is creamy, it still provides a flawless and weightless finish. Ideal for any skin type, it is formulated with a balance of 21 percent pure pigment and 22 percent water, which work in synergy to completely soften the appearance of blemishes and uneven texture.I use this foundation in the color tobacco. Check it out here.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation 

MAC and I have a love hate relationship. I used to use this foundation everyday when I was in college. I started to breakout a little so I discontinued the use of it for awhile. I started using it again last year, and my skin loves it again. I am not sure why my skin rejected it then but I am glad that they resolved their issues. This is also a full coverage foundation. After applying, it leaves a natural matte finish.I usually use this as my night foundation because it’s long lasting. It has great coverage and an extra perk  is its UVA/UVB SPF 15 protection. I use the color NW43. Check it out here.

Louboutin Velvet Matte Lip


Every girl loves a great lip color. What better way than to make your lips pop by using these great Velvet Matte Lip color by Christian Louboutin. These are one of my favorite lipsticks, so of course I had to share. The lip color glides on effortlessly! These lipsticks are extremely pigmented. Although these are marketed as matte, it provides a non-drying comfort on the lips and has more of a suede finish. It’s not as shiny as the traditional satin finish, but definitely a great twist for the trendy matte lip. My lips were left feeling soft and moisturized. For the price of $90, I am glad to say that it was worth it!

I was also impressed by the packaging. Each lip color features a unique elixir vial design with a silk ribbon to transform the lipstick into a necklace. They have a solid black or gold metal body and a crown cap. The colors are available in three finishes: silky satin, velvet matte, and sheer voile. Each kind has its own special design. Each Rouge Louboutin shade comes in a black lipstick case, and all the other shades are encased in a gold case.

These beauties are packaged elegantlyswatches and are easy to apply. I wouldn’t recommend traveling with them. I’ve been stopped twice by TSA because they too wanted to see what the hype was all about!

I have the following four colors: Dialouzi 405m, Rouge 001m, Eton Moi 330m, and Zoulou 715m. (swatches are also in that order top to bottom). 

The formula is splendid too. It is formulated with natural oils and seed butters to enhance moisturize. My moisture lasted up to 3 hours before I felt any kind of dryness; which can easily be solved by reapplying or adding some chapped stick or moisturizer on your lips prior to your initial application. These lip colors are available in a variety of shades.

Check it out!

Viseart Palette


I have been obsessed with this pretty little number since September. I would say fall is my favorite season because of all the amazing colors that it brings.

This palette would definitely be a considered a more high end brand. At is whopping cost of $80, I don’t regret spending any bit of it. Viseart palettes are professional eye shadow palette that can be used for defining eyes and brows, and even using it for contouring and highlighting the face.

The Viseart formula is created in small tightly-controlled batches to maintain pigment quality, powder integrity, and consistency. Can i just say that the pigmentation is Wonderful
The name of this palette is: 04 Dark Matte

These shades are dramatic, rich and bold. It will add an extra depth of color to any eye look. This palette is perfect for a great smokey eye and also a great neutral eye. I love the Navies, Greens, Orange and Browns this palette has to offer. 

If you are attracted to this as much as I am, no worries, you can purchase this great palette by clicking on

Urban Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette


This fun palette includes fifteen beautiful shades! I don’t normally wear these colors within my Monday-Thursday routine, but come Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I am all over this. Gourbaod for special occasions, nights out, hot dates and whenever you just feel like living on your wild side.  

 If applied without primer, shadows lasted me roughly 8 hours before creasing and/or fading. So it can only get better with adding primer.  

 The pigmentation is  good with soft, bendable textures. This palette is all shimmer, which will jazz up all your matte looks. It is definitely not a palette you would use solo.  Check out to explore all your beauty possibilites