I have so many favs, when it comes to beauty products. I will be posting on different brands letting you all know if it’s worth purchasing or not. 

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What are some of your
favorite meals?

I am not a huge beef fan. I eat it from time to time but I could live without. BUT I love me some lamb. I even had lamb as a menu option at my wedding. I just love the taste and it goes well with everything. In my recipe for lamb shoulder, I like to pair it with brown rice, veggies and maduros (sweet plantain). On this particular day, I marinated my lamb shoulder in olive oil, garlic, black pepper, crushed red pepper, my green onion blend, badia complete seasoning, freshly squeezed  lime juice and matouk caribbean hot sauce Version 2

Make sure you pre-heat your oven between 350-400 degrees. It depends on if you like your lamb medium vs. well done. It also depends on how small or large your lamb shoulders are. I baked my lamb shoulders for 40 minutes. 

Version 2

After 30 minutes, I turned the oven down to 350 and kept it in until it was the golden brown I desired. This meal was so yummy! I’ll be sure to upload video footage on my next cooking adventure.



Being a woman in today’s society is by far one of the hardest things…Being a minority and a woman at the same time, I know for a #fact is even harder. 

Come back for my updates on great reads and stories about overcoming the hardships of becoming a successful woman


Panko-Crusted Veal Meatballs

Cooking is one of my favorite things to do. I like to take traditional meals and add a twist. My passion for cooking definitely didn’t come from my mom. Don’t get me wrong, my mother is an amazing cook but she has never had one on one sessions with me. I just picked up on every


thing she did by watching. My grandmother, on the other hand, I feel had a bigger influence on me. She cooked sweets just as well as she tackled savory. She passed away when I was 8. Cooking is how I keep her spirit alive. 

Once you understand the foundations of cooking; whatever kind you like, you’ll never need a cookbook. 

Viseart Palette

I have been obsessed with this pretty little number since September. I would say fall is my favorite season because of all the amazing colors that it brings.

This palette would definitely be a considered a more high end brand. At is whopping cost of $80, I don’t regret spending any bit of it. Viseart palettes are professional eye shadow palette that can be used for defining eyes and brows, and even using it for contouring and highlighting the face.

The Viseart formula is created in small tightly-controlled batches to maintain pigment quality, powder integrity, and consistency. Can i just say that the pigmentation is Wonderful
The name of this palette is: 04 Dark Matte

These shades are dramatic, rich and bold. It will add an extra depth of color to any eye look. This palette is perfect for a great smokey eye and also a great neutral eye. I love the Navies, Greens, Orange and Browns this palette has to offer. 

If you are attracted to this as much as I am, no worries, you can purchase this great palette by clicking on sephora.com

Urban Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette

This fun palette includes fifteen beautiful shades! I don’t normally wear these colors within my Monday-Thursday routine, but come Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I am all over this. Gourbaod for special occasions, nights out, hot dates and whenever you just feel like living on your wild side.  

 If applied without primer, shadows lasted me roughly 8 hours before creasing and/or fading. So it can only get better with adding primer.  

 The pigmentation is  good with soft, bendable textures. This palette is all shimmer, which will jazz up all your matte looks. It is definitely not a palette you would use solo.  Check out urbandecay.com to explore all your beauty possibilites