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Dry Rubbed Wings


It’s really easy to cook chicken wings in the oven. I made a spicy dry rub to marinate my wingette and drumette pieces. In my household, spicy food is a must, but you can always leave out the spices that bring heat to satisfy whatever your palette may like. 


  • 10-20 wingettes & drumettes (will vary depending on how many people you are cooking for)
  • 1 1/2 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper (more or less for spicy taste)
  • 1  teaspoons ground cumin
  • 1 tablespoon of parsley  (fresh cut or dried)
  • 1/2 teaspoon turmeric 
  • 1  teaspoons garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoons onion powder
  • 1  teaspoon Goya Adobo (all purpose seasoning)
  • 1  teaspoons black pepper
  • 1 Sazon packet by Goya
  • 1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper




1. Make sure your wingettes and drumettes are thawed and not frozen.

2.Then use a paper towel to dry any excess liquid on the wings.

3.Place wings in a large bowl and massage olive oil evenly onto each piece.

4.Combine all the dry seasonings in a bowl and mix them, making sure all the seasoning are nicely intertwined.

5.Sprinkle half of the season mix onto the chicken wings and rub in then Flip wings and sprinkle remaining half onto wings and continue to rub in. (you don’t have to use the entire rub, just use enough to where all wingettes and drumettes are nicely and evenly coated on all sides. (If you have excess rub, you can store the remaining amount in a zip lock bag to use for another batch or other recipe).

6.Place seasoned wings into a baking dish of your choice. I used a Pyrex baking dish.

7.Preheat your oven to 400°F


I served with Mashed Sweet Potatoes

8.When oven is ready, place your wings into the oven for 35-40 minutes. I don’t usually flip my wings but if you wanted to, then flip them after 20 minutes.

9.Turn oven broiler on high and broil for 5-8 minutes depending on your preference.

10.Remove the wingettes and drumettes from the oven and serve alone or with rice, veggies, mac n cheese or mash sweet potatoes. They will compliment any side dish.






For my annual birthday trip this year, my husband and I went to San Francisco! I would say this was one of our favorite trips. It was cold, but despite that, we loved it. The views were breath taking, the food was delicious, and the people were friendly. What more could we have asked for? Where most people would say that the Golden Gate Bridge was their highlight, I would say exploring wine country was mine. Our Napa Valley and Sonoma tour was amazing. To ride through the lush scenery was picture perfect. We landed at 3 different wine vineyards and tasted a variety of wines both red and white. I lost count after glass number ten.

Day 2: We woke up and of course had to dive into our breakfast options. We ended up at a cute breakfast place called Plow because they had great reviews. We arrived at 930am and was not seated until 11:42am. The wait was the downfall for me, but the food was so so yummy. We tried dungeness crab scramble, Zoe’s chicken apple sausages, pomegranate mimosas, french toast with caramelized apples, and plow potatoes. The best breakfast food I’ve had in awhile. Later on that evening we had drinks at the Boom Boom Room which was a live funk, jazz & blues venue that top musicians perform at. The music was great and the drinks were cheap. We ended the night with an exquisite array of food at State Bird Provisions, which had a great urban and rustic setting that served small plates dim-sum style.

Day 3 (My Birthday): Our early morning adventure took us to wine country. Who wouldn’t want to spend their birthday drinking wine? The Napa Valley and Sonoma tour was an all day excursion. We were gone from 9am-6pm. The day was so packed and eventful, but we were able to see a lot. Going through the Robin Williams Tunnel and taking pictures at Fort Point was an unexpected stop which made us happy. The Fort Point area was filled with such great history. We even got to see the building where the special effects for star wars is created. After taking a quick cat nap after our wine escapade, we headed back out to have dinner at Tacolicious. It was tasty, but it was not a must have. My husband really wanted to try California made Mexican Food and because it was a bust, we will have to try another location on our next visit to California.


Day 4: We indulged in some coffee from Philz Coffee Truck first thing in the morning. It was really good coffee, especially if your a coffee drinker like myself. We quickly caught a ride to Pier 33 to take a ferry ride to Alcatraz Island to tour the prison. After 2 hours of exploring and learning the history of Alcatraz, we took the ferry back to the mainland to walked around Fisherman’s Wharf. There we saw the seals and took in the lively atmosphere. We ate lunch at Fog Harbor Fish House located at Pier 39. The seafood was great. Crab clam chowder and Ahi Tuna Poke were my favorites. After stuffing our faces, we headed to the Painted ladies. From there we took a quick uber ride to Union Square where we browsed some of their retail stores (Express, BCBG Max Azria, Saks, etc). Later on that evening, we headed out to ride the Cable Cars from Hyde & Powell. The route had great scenic night views and we saw the famous Lombard Street. We ended the night with dinner at Buena Vista (known for their Irish coffee).

That concludes the recap of my birthday trip to the beautiful city of San Francisco and I will be sure to visit again. I would recommend San Francisco to anyone and while you are there, I would without a doubt suggest taking a trip to Napa Valley. It will take your breath away. I will be sure to share my next trip with you all, but until then, what are some of your favorite vacation spots?



My lip color selection has evolved over the years. I was about 16 when I started dabbling into makeup. Like, most my age, I started off with lip gloss. The natural lip with exotic scents. Berry, strawberry, cherry, cupcake, vanilla, cotton candy…name it, they made it and I probably had it. I’m sure my mom was glad when that phase of my teenage years moved on.

My first lipstick, first eye shadow, first brush, first foundation, and literally my first everything came from MAC. I didn’t really know much about the products I bought or if they were even meant for my skin type. I would often times only buy eye shadows and with zero technique slab on one color over the lids. I cringe thinking of how my makeup looked back then. Good thing I never had the habit of packing on too much. Modest ugliness never hurt anyone.

A few decades later I still love the products that MAC has to offer. Now, I am able to go in and buy exactly what I need and know its purpose. I have not bought any eye shadows in the last couple of years. Not because they aren’t good, but because I have so much of other products that I still need to get through. What I do constantly buy from MAC is their Lipsticks: specifically, their matte lipsticks. I have bought a few of their satin lipsticks as well, but I tend to drift toward the matte no matter what brand I’m shopping.


MAC’s matte lipstick brings such great color to any look your going for. They offer an array of great shades of color. I would agree with most that, MAC matte lipsticks has great color payoff and are long lasting. An important thing to keep in mind when wearing matte lipstick, with most brands is moisture. You need to make sure your lips are moisturized before application. If not, you will have a mess exposing every dry crease in your lips. For those of you who prefer Satin finishes, they too are long lasting and offer great pigmentation without the drying factor as their matte counterpart. Satin finishes are my second choice. Not all colors come in matte, so when that occurs, I don’t mind settling for satin. On my most recent purchase, I went by the MAC counter at Macy’s and picked up two new shades.They are great shades for fall/winter seasons.“In My Fashion” and “Matte Royal” were my picks for that day. They are dark, rich, and sets a great tone for a bold lip. “Matte Royal” is definitely a more fashion forward shade. It’s a deep blue/purple shade. “In My Fashion” is a warm black that has a touch of brown. This is the perfect in between for a black or dark brown lip. 


No More Excuses


excusesNow, I will assume that because it’s a New Year, you have set a resolution for yourself. Wanting to change an undesired trait or behavior is a great idea! So January 1st is officially the new beginning for most of us, but did you know 92% of resolutions fail and ONLY 8% of the population actually succeeds. Yikes! I have sadly been apart of the 92% all too often. Statistically, I am sure many of you have helped me contribute to the failure rate. Roughly about 50% of all “New Year Resolutions” fail after 15 days. Not because people aren’t capable, but because they did not hold themselves accountable. They made other things a priority leaving another year of zero growth.

Accountability is a key component that I feel many people lack. I often run into situations where instead of people looking at what they could have done to make or break a situation, they would rather create scenarios where someone or something else is the culprit to their demise. Sorry, but hopping back into reality, solving anything successfully consists of you being able to analyze your actions first. Your actions are the only factors that you have 100% control over. Think of it this way. Why would you trust anyone to warranty your success and growth? Success is a personal entity. You own it. It’s yours.

Only when you assume
full accountability for
your thoughts, feelings,
actions, and results
can you direct your
own destiny…

I came across many resolutions that people set for themselves. The top five are below along with what the top five should be in order to see results. Practicality is vital.

Top 5 cliché resolutions:

I’m going to stop procrastinating

I’m going to workout everyday

I’m going to be super organized

I’m going to save all my money

I’m going to stop smoking

Top 5 obtainable and more practical resolutions:

I’m going to complete one task early weekly.

I’m going to work out three times a week.

I’m going to implement a planner weekly.

I’m going to save $100 every payday.

I’m going to treat myself for every week I don’t smoke.

By no means am I saying that the cliché goals are not obtainable. What I am saying is if you have not ever achieved your goal before, why would you assume you could wake up the next day and miraculously be cured of your bad habits? If that was the case, than it wouldn’t be classified as a bad habit after all. People need to be realistic and honest with themselves. Every year consists of the same number of months, days, hours and minutes. This leads to so much time to improve and become a better version of you. Keeping in mind, it takes 21 days to build a habit. Having a short and precise timeline allows you to not be disappointed and also helps your quality of success to flourish.



We’re human! We love reward, but if you’re not setting your goals to where you can see and measure your progress than they will fall to wayside and before you know it, 10, 20, 30 years will pass and the same resolution will come knocking again and again. Goals need to have phases. Depending on your goal, it could very well take a couple years. Building a better version of you takes time. Don’t rush. Enjoy the process!

As a reminder, remaining accountable for our resolutions and life goals is essential if you want to succeed. It’s your personal choice to rise above your circumstances. Take the ownership necessary for achieving desired results by seeing it, owning it, solving it, and doing It. Let 2017, be the year we all learn to be accountable for our actions and paths to personal growth

DBar in Boston, MA



If you are looking for a great place to have drinks and enjoy exquisite dining, check out Dbar. Dbar is a full service restaurant that transforms into a lounge once the sun goes down. Formally an old Irish pub, they renovated it into a sleek hot spot. The decor sets the atmosphere so well. The unique and classy menu  changes with the seasons and features the finest and freshest ingredients New England has to offer. 

It’s definitely a premiere destination for fine dining. Dbar is located in a accessible location right on Dorchester Avenue in Dorchester, MA. They offered a 4-course menu to ring in the New Year. To top it off, all guest received a complimentary glass of champagne. Out of my four dishes, I wouldn’t be me, if my favorite wasn’t the cheesecake. Let’s not forget the delicious cocktails! I had not one, but two “Full Harvest” Martini’s.  I would have to say this martini made it on my favorite’s list. I will probably look for this martini for all future visits. My husband had their “Bourbon for Apples” martini. It was equally delicious, but it had a strong dose of whiskey. I like the sweeter and less harsh drinks. So I would recommend the “Bourbon for Apples” to someone who enjoys whiskey and/or enjoys stronger concoctions. 


My meal started with their Wagyu Beef, I also was able to try the Tuna Ceviche because my husband ordered that for his starter meal. For my entree, I had chicken with aspargus and my husband had black sea bass. I of course wanted to finish my cheesecake, so I only had a few bites of the entrees. Dbar’s complimentary champagne, celebratory horns, and tiara’s for the girls and top hats for the boys, I had a great New Year’s Eve celebrating with my husband and one of our couple friends. Cheers to another year completed filled with lots of food and memories.

Travel Tips


Top 5 Tips: When Traveling

  • Whether you’re packing for work or fun, pack only the necessities. Remember, you still need to unpack.
  • Travel really early or really late. I hate crowds, so I usually fly at 5am no matter where I am going so that I don’t have to deal with the chaos the airport often brings.
  • Always arrive to the airport at least 1 hour early. It makes you feel less rushed and anxious when trying to get to the gate.
  • If you can, try only bringing 1 carryon and 1 personal item. I usually bring a mini suitcase as my carryon and my personal item is usually an oversized bag that I put my makeup, wallet, sunglasses, passport, and 1 crossbody bag that end up using on my trip.
  • Bring enough footwear. I feel like everyone always overthinks their outfits and under thinks their feet. Always bring flip-flops, heels, walking shoes, and sneakers. You should have 4 pairs of shoes for every trip. Out of your four, you should be wearing one of them so you have only 3 pairs taking up space in your bag.
  • Only pack your top toiletries and make sure there are travel sizes. No bigger than 3.4oz. Sometimes, I just buy toiletries when I get to my destination. It’s not always cost effective, but I’ll do anything to maintain my sanity.
  • To condense space, pack outfits that can be worn in both a casual and dressy setting. This will allow you to always be prepared for events that may come up unexpectedly.



The lack of self-love is an epidemic that continues to run through the adolescents and adult women population. The question that needs to be asked is: why would you want to hurt yourself? Why wouldn’t you want the best for yourself? Don’t you want to be great? It is hard for me to relate because it is something I have never had to deal with, but to know people feel like that saddens my soul. I was blessed. My mom always ensured me that I was special and my joy was important. She also made sure that I knew, being kind to loothers could only add to my own joy and blessings. 

I come from a blended family. My mom and dad were divorced in my early years of life. Other than the usual emotions and void that comes with the cliché of having divorced parents, I can honestly say that I never felt unloved. I was never left without. I had everything I could ever had wished for. Additionally, Not having to share your parents with siblings allows you to get to know them more. I watched them grow while they helped me grow. They were my parents but I considered them my friends. Being the only child, I learned to cherish my parents company. If I wasn’t close to them, especially my mom, I would have really been alone. My mom was my roommate and when I visited my dad, I was just visiting my old roommate. The common lesson was that they both always told me I was great and to never let anyone tell me different. Even through my years of being bullied, it of course dented in my feelings but I never felt less than anyone. I knew I was worthy no matter what anyone else thought of me. 


 The first step in building self-worth is to stop comparing yourself to others and evaluating your every move. On they mention that you need to challenge your critical inner voice. The critical inner voice is like a nasty coach in our heads that constantly nags us with destructive thoughts towards others or ourselves. This internalized dialogue of critical thoughts or “inner voices” undermines our sense of self-worth and even leads to self-destructive or maladaptive behaviors leadings us to feel worse about ourselves. Being able to understand why we do certain things is essential. You have to know yourself. You have to love yourself. You have to empower yourself. You have to motivate yourself. You should be your biggest fan. Have you ever heard of the saying, “you must love yourself before others can love you”…. well every bit of that saying is true.

Dear Self, Today you will shine!

With my journey of self-love, I am learning not to second-guess myself. I am learning to remain poise even when I feel defeated. I am learning to celebrate all my milestones without guilt. I am learning that not everyone is on my team. I am learning that my kindness is mine to give and I shouldn’t change that because certain people might take it for granted. I am learning that showing my emotions are essential. I am learning that patience is key to no matter what I am doing. I am learning that I must communicate. I am learning my spiritual strength impacts my sanity. As people, learning is never over. With growth, change occurs and at times you may have to renovate yourself and tweak the process. I am learning that, that is ok. You just have to always remember to do it with poise.

When you accept yourself
You will be freed from
the burden of needing
someone to accept you…



Gift Idea

On my adventure of Christmas Shopping at Marshall’s, I came across these Michael Kors Agne Pumps that would go great with whatever holiday outfit I decide to wear. I tend to drift toward the color black, so these will be a change for me. I try to add color to my wardrobe from time to time and what better time to do it than the holidays! They are such a  great color. To all my last minute shoppers, check out your local Marshall’s and see what great goodies you’ll discover.