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  • Pink Coconut Hand Cream

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Trending Spring 2017


Trends are not something I typical follow when it comes to fashion. I tend to like classic pieces that I can spice up or tone down depending on my mood. I also don’t like the idea of having to purchase a new wardrobe every season to keep up with what’s “trending”. I mean, of course if I had a wallet with zero limits, I might consider. The fact that trending fashion is popular at a certain point in time, its easier to purchase key pieces that are versatile.  For example, the denim jacket. That trend has recycled at least ten times since I was 5 years old. Which is what made me curious on what would recycle for Spring 2017. Check out what items are trending for Spring 2017. 

Trench Coat

Trench coats have been a staple and very much in style for years. So of course the transitional piece always makes its way back into every fashion guru’s wardrobe. This season’s twist on the classic includes puffy sleeves, to wide belts and asymmetrical finishes. Spring showers, bring May Flowers which is perfectly a valid reason to splurge on a new coat!  

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Oversized Sleeves

Bell sleeves have been growing in popularity since the new year. The bell sleeve can be either long or short and is usually set smoothly into the armhole and flares toward the bottom. Bell sleeves end anywhere from the elbow to the wrist. Perfectly pairs with jeans or elevated with a skirt. 

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Seaside Stripes

Stripes on garment first appeared in the Medieval times. During that era, only prisoners, criminals, clowns, prostitutes, hangmen, etc. were seen wearing a black and white stripped garment. However, by the end of the nineteenth century, a new definition of stripes was created by Queen Victoria. In most fashion, stripe print can be seen everywhere on garments nowadays. This trend is fun and can be in a simple white and pale blue or a little more spunky with a pattern of colors. 

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The color yellow

If there’s one unexpected color that dominated the spring runways, it’s yellow. The hue in all shades, from bright to mustard are all acceptable. GQStyle Fashion Director Mobolaji Dawodu mentions, “Yellow is not an in-between color, you’re either all in or you’re not!” Let’s all have a little fun and get that pop of sunshine.



For those feeling like their daily look is getting a bit stale, or for those of us, especially me, who find themselves in a mid-winter rut and turing to all black, head to toe. It’s the perfect time to rethink and upgrade. Simply inject some change into your look by replacing your black with khaki. Khaki is a staple that has been reclaimed on the runways and is fast emerging as as one of Spring 2017’s most noteworthy looks, state Vogue

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Banker Stripes

Regardless of your profession, chances are you have worn some sort of button up with stripes. This crisp, go-with-everything button-downs to get you through the week can often get boring. Reintroducing it to your life by wearing this print in dress form with a cute blazer on top or even as an evening look, with a flirty off the shoulder top; you can instantly transform the boring bank stripe into something fun and exciting!

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Shoulder cut outs

This is probably the #1 trending look. It is flirty. It is fun. It is stylish. It is simple. People tend to think trendy has an age limit, but the cold-shoulder trend is incredibly flattering for all women regardless of age and size. I mean, everyone has great looking shoulders! So why not show off the judge free zone that looks amazing no matter the body. 

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Nothing brings more drama than a cape. While the style might seem difficult to pull off, there is a cape out there for everyone. Whether it is in the form of a blazer, dress, blouse, or coat, you can’t go wrong and will without a doubt get brownie points for your trendy choice. 

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“Florals? For spring?,” you might have remembered them recite in the legendary The Devil Wears Prada. Well, actually, this time around, florals are acceptable. I promise, they really are. Pick yourself up an eye popping bouquet of florals in dress or skirt form. You won’t regret it.

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Layering isn’t just about keeping warm anymore. It adds dimension to your outfit. Introducing sheer skirts layered over colorful florals could be an option. I prefer to layer with sheer tops! Such a great way to show some skin this spring while being sexy, subtle and sophisticated. 


So Kate


I Love Shoes! One of my reasons is because my shoe size never changes so it never disappoints me. My shoes always fit. Whereas, my clothes, that’s another story. My favorite pairs are of course my red bottoms! My black suede pair to be exact. There is something about suede textured shoes that makes me happy. I  wear my Louboutin’s on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, date nights on vacation, but of course whatever the plans are, there MUST be seating involved. The cliche motto that Beauty is pain…well in this case, that is very true. If you love heels, I would say, you need at least one pair in your life. The minute you put them on, you get an instant boost of self confidence. 



red2These pointed toe beauties have a superfine stiletto heel which gives any woman who dares to wear them an eye-catching allure. These pumps have a dramatic pitch that provides  a supremely sexy 120mm lift.  I have 4 pairs. Two of them are patent leather, nude and black and the other two pairs are suede, black and lavender. Today the Louboutin brand  includes a line of handbags, lipstick, nail polish, and accessories.

I purchase all my Louboutin goodies from Barney’s New York and Bergdorf Goodman.



-Pointed toe.

-Patent leather or suede covered stiletto heel.

-Slips ons.

-Signature red leather sole.

-Available in a variety of colors. 

Go take a look ! 



Fashion Nova


Fashion Nova is a retail store that is based in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles and has five retail locations in Southern California. For those of you who are not located on the west coast, we have access to all their great fashion pieces through their website.

Their brand was first brought to my attention through Instagram. Most of their pieces follow whatever trend is currently in. They have options for every occasion.

When it comes to shopping online, based on my body type, I often get nervous making online purchases. I think it is easier to just go into a store and try on to getaway from the hassle of returning my items that clearly weren’t meant for me . There has been too many times where items don’t look like they did through my computer screen. There have been times where items are sized funky! There have been times where my order takes months to be delivered to me. The list of issues with online shopping goes on and on.

There are very few sites that I trust to order from, but I have decided to give Fashion Nova a try. A few people, including my little sister has been obsessed with their fashion options. So why not see what the buzz is about! I purchased five items. Five sweaters to be exact (all below). If you are interested in any of the pieces I bought, just simply click on any of the items. I spent $86.95 for all five items. Don’t forget to use coupon code:NEWYEAR to receive 25% off your purchases.  

Fashion Nova has great gift ideas. Happy Holidays everyone!



Gift Idea

On my adventure of Christmas Shopping at Marshall’s, I came across these Michael Kors Agne Pumps that would go great with whatever holiday outfit I decide to wear. I tend to drift toward the color black, so these will be a change for me. I try to add color to my wardrobe from time to time and what better time to do it than the holidays! They are such a  great color. To all my last minute shoppers, check out your local Marshall’s and see what great goodies you’ll discover.