For my annual birthday trip this year, my husband and I went to San Francisco! I would say this was one of our favorite trips. It was cold, but despite that, we loved it. The views were breath taking, the food was delicious, and the people were friendly. What more could we have asked for? Where most people would say that the Golden Gate Bridge was their highlight, I would say exploring wine country was mine. Our Napa Valley and Sonoma tour was amazing. To ride through the lush scenery was picture perfect. We landed at 3 different wine vineyards and tasted a variety of wines both red and white. I lost count after glass number ten.

Day 2: We woke up and of course had to dive into our breakfast options. We ended up at a cute breakfast place called Plow because they had great reviews. We arrived at 930am and was not seated until 11:42am. The wait was the downfall for me, but the food was so so yummy. We tried dungeness crab scramble, Zoe’s chicken apple sausages, pomegranate mimosas, french toast with caramelized apples, and plow potatoes. The best breakfast food I’ve had in awhile. Later on that evening we had drinks at the Boom Boom Room which was a live funk, jazz & blues venue that top musicians perform at. The music was great and the drinks were cheap. We ended the night with an exquisite array of food at State Bird Provisions, which had a great urban and rustic setting that served small plates dim-sum style.

Day 3 (My Birthday): Our early morning adventure took us to wine country. Who wouldn’t want to spend their birthday drinking wine? The Napa Valley and Sonoma tour was an all day excursion. We were gone from 9am-6pm. The day was so packed and eventful, but we were able to see a lot. Going through the Robin Williams Tunnel and taking pictures at Fort Point was an unexpected stop which made us happy. The Fort Point area was filled with such great history. We even got to see the building where the special effects for star wars is created. After taking a quick cat nap after our wine escapade, we headed back out to have dinner at Tacolicious. It was tasty, but it was not a must have. My husband really wanted to try California made Mexican Food and because it was a bust, we will have to try another location on our next visit to California.


Day 4: We indulged in some coffee from Philz Coffee Truck first thing in the morning. It was really good coffee, especially if your a coffee drinker like myself. We quickly caught a ride to Pier 33 to take a ferry ride to Alcatraz Island to tour the prison. After 2 hours of exploring and learning the history of Alcatraz, we took the ferry back to the mainland to walked around Fisherman’s Wharf. There we saw the seals and took in the lively atmosphere. We ate lunch at Fog Harbor Fish House located at Pier 39. The seafood was great. Crab clam chowder and Ahi Tuna Poke were my favorites. After stuffing our faces, we headed to the Painted ladies. From there we took a quick uber ride to Union Square where we browsed some of their retail stores (Express, BCBG Max Azria, Saks, etc). Later on that evening, we headed out to ride the Cable Cars from Hyde & Powell. The route had great scenic night views and we saw the famous Lombard Street. We ended the night with dinner at Buena Vista (known for their Irish coffee).

That concludes the recap of my birthday trip to the beautiful city of San Francisco and I will be sure to visit again. I would recommend San Francisco to anyone and while you are there, I would without a doubt suggest taking a trip to Napa Valley. It will take your breath away. I will be sure to share my next trip with you all, but until then, what are some of your favorite vacation spots?

Bucket List


With all the obligations that we all have on the day-to-day basis, it is essential that we make time for the things that make us happy. Doing things that we enjoy often gets placed on the back burner. You then blink and 10 years has passed and you still haven’t accomplished anything you wanted. One fun and effective strategy for ensuring that you take the time you need for the “more fun things” in life (as well as some important goals you may have) is to create a “bucket list”. Some people like to create a list of things they hope to do before they die, but I specifically create bucket lists that I need to tackle within a 24 month period. If I haven’t accomplished it within the first 12 months then I still have time to complete the list within the following year. When everything is checked off, then create a new list to tackle for the next 24 months. You’ll be surprised what you are able to accomplish when you equally focus and prioritize the “fun” things and the “must do” things of your life.

the-bucket-list-logoHopping on the bandwagon of making your first bucket list will help you get in touch with yourself. It will allow you to discover what you value most, it will remind you on what your goals are in life, it will help spark some creativity, and best of all, it will allow you to grow mentally, spiritually and physically all while maintaining your happiness. A good way to keep track of what you have and haven’t done is to keep a checklist. Once you complete the task, you check it off and move to the next item on your list. By no means is there a wrong and right way of doing this. Some items will be easier to accomplish than others. Which is OK.  If you are the creative type, like myself, you can take your list a step further by taking a picture of you completing “the goal”. That picture you take will represent the completed task on your list. When your list is completed, you’ll have a pile of pictures to validate, share and look back on your accomplishments. Keep in mind, 24 months is just a target. If you get to the end of your 24 months and you aren’t finished, then just add them to the next list. I will be sure to share my journey with you all. Feel free to share your own experiences with me too!

My Bucket List 2017/2018 

Go to Music Festival

Go to a Shooting Range

Go to Cuba

Attend a Broadway show(s)- NYC

Cancer Walk-planned 

Milk a cow

Indoor Skydive

Take Acting class

Visit Austin

Visit Toronto

Be a member of TV audience

Take belly dancing class

Visit Hawaii

Go Fishing

Race a go-cart

Visit Niagara Falls

Ride a Hot Air Balloon

Hamilton Play-Chicago

Run a 5k

Go to Disney World

Bruno Mars Concert

Visit Sydney, Australia

Master a 3rd Language

Visit Ireland

Horseback riding

Buy a house/condo

Visit Bora Bora/Fiji

Apply to PA school

Jump off a cliff into the ocean

Ride an elephant

Take a cooking class

Visit San Francisco-DONE

Zip Lining

Visit Savannah, GA

Visit New Orleans

Visit Bali, Indonesia


Get on Food Network show

Sushi making class

Go Kayaking in Maine

 Surfing lesson

Visit Costa Rica




A great suggestion from a friend to check out Bimini , Bahamas enticed me to book my honeymoon there. Bimini, Bahamas is made up of North and South. The entire island is 7 miles long and is conveniently only 50 miles from Miami. The beaches are breath taking and after spending the night, you’ll never want to leave! We stayed at the Hilton World Resort. The hotel was beautiful. Everything was new. Their grand opening had recently happened so it was not to my surprise that everything was sparkly clean and shiny.

Version 2I have been to many beaches and the worse part is always trying to find a spot on the sand to call your own. The crowd at the beach can often times be so overwhelming. Especially when you look forward to laying out and relaxing. Well folks, go to Bimini. We arrived to this beautiful white sanded beach and had the option of sitting anywhere we wanted. We of course got 2 chairs and an umbrella for $30 that was worth every cent. The only downfall, which I didn’t find out about until after I had some fun in the water. It was high peak season for jelly fish. OUCH! Although there is no official season for jellyfish in the Bahamas, they’re most prevalent in the summer months June through late August. So after discovering that, we made a brilliant decision to head straight to the outdoor bar/restaurant area. That of course was after 3 amazing hours of doing nothing and becoming one with sand and salt water. What better way to top off your beach days than with a pina colada with extra rum. Yum right?! The drinks were all so yummy. We made friends with one of the bartenders and he made me a perfect concoction of deliciousness. I had this concoction majority of my stay, but he wouldn’t tell me how he made it.

A 5 night stay at the Hilton Resort World Bimini went by so quick. It rained for two days out of img_3631our six but it still didn’t ruin our honeymoon. I was able to sleep a lot and really relax. Although, I loved the idea that the resort was new, the downfall was they were still ironing out the little details for their guests. For example, they provided a book of excursions for guests to pick from throughout their stay, but due to the resort being brand new, none of that was available. The excursions (other than going to the beach) was non-existent. It was a good thing that my husband and I wanted to relax most of the time, but if we had came with friends, it would have been a deal breaker. They did suggest to us that we could take a ferry to the bigger island near by if we wanted to partake in water sports like snorkeling, jet ski’s, paddle boating, etc. At least the option to explore additional parts of the Bahamas was accessible. Not to mention, the staff was so friendly. I would suggest relaxing in their lazy river. It has a swim up bar attached in order to ensure your cup is never empty. If you like strong mixed drinks, definitely get the Bahama Mama. I had a sip of my husbands Bahama Mama and knew that was too much for me. My favorite water feature was their infinity pool. There are two to choose from so definitely take advantage of that.img_3539

The food was tasty, but not spectacular. They had a breakfast buffet and restaurant style for options.The Beach Club is the best spot for a casual break in between your relaxing. They had freshly made conch salad and BBQ favorites. The Aqua Bar and Grille had burgers and sandwiches. Sabor Seafood & Steak House had a very romantic setting overlooking the Caribbean Sea, with surf and turf options. We had many of our drinks at the casino which is also another dining option called Hemingway’s. Their burger and fries was probably one of my favorites. Amicci’s had great, freshly made pizza and bakery treats. The Healing Hole was another one of my favorites. I had grilled Jerk Chicken. It’s a dockside, open-air restaurant and sports lounge that serves a variety of freshly grilled Bahamian favorites. Everything grilled! It was so tasty! There are about 9 places you can go. I loved having the option.

 If the weather wasn’t bad toward the end of our stay, we would have explored more but for what it was, I loved it. I would go again in the near future. It’s a good option for couples, family and relaxing girls trip!

DBar in Boston, MA



If you are looking for a great place to have drinks and enjoy exquisite dining, check out Dbar. Dbar is a full service restaurant that transforms into a lounge once the sun goes down. Formally an old Irish pub, they renovated it into a sleek hot spot. The decor sets the atmosphere so well. The unique and classy menu  changes with the seasons and features the finest and freshest ingredients New England has to offer. 

It’s definitely a premiere destination for fine dining. Dbar is located in a accessible location right on Dorchester Avenue in Dorchester, MA. They offered a 4-course menu to ring in the New Year. To top it off, all guest received a complimentary glass of champagne. Out of my four dishes, I wouldn’t be me, if my favorite wasn’t the cheesecake. Let’s not forget the delicious cocktails! I had not one, but two “Full Harvest” Martini’s.  I would have to say this martini made it on my favorite’s list. I will probably look for this martini for all future visits. My husband had their “Bourbon for Apples” martini. It was equally delicious, but it had a strong dose of whiskey. I like the sweeter and less harsh drinks. So I would recommend the “Bourbon for Apples” to someone who enjoys whiskey and/or enjoys stronger concoctions. 


My meal started with their Wagyu Beef, I also was able to try the Tuna Ceviche because my husband ordered that for his starter meal. For my entree, I had chicken with aspargus and my husband had black sea bass. I of course wanted to finish my cheesecake, so I only had a few bites of the entrees. Dbar’s complimentary champagne, celebratory horns, and tiara’s for the girls and top hats for the boys, I had a great New Year’s Eve celebrating with my husband and one of our couple friends. Cheers to another year completed filled with lots of food and memories.

Travel Tips


Top 5 Tips: When Traveling

  • Whether you’re packing for work or fun, pack only the necessities. Remember, you still need to unpack.
  • Travel really early or really late. I hate crowds, so I usually fly at 5am no matter where I am going so that I don’t have to deal with the chaos the airport often brings.
  • Always arrive to the airport at least 1 hour early. It makes you feel less rushed and anxious when trying to get to the gate.
  • If you can, try only bringing 1 carryon and 1 personal item. I usually bring a mini suitcase as my carryon and my personal item is usually an oversized bag that I put my makeup, wallet, sunglasses, passport, and 1 crossbody bag that end up using on my trip.
  • Bring enough footwear. I feel like everyone always overthinks their outfits and under thinks their feet. Always bring flip-flops, heels, walking shoes, and sneakers. You should have 4 pairs of shoes for every trip. Out of your four, you should be wearing one of them so you have only 3 pairs taking up space in your bag.
  • Only pack your top toiletries and make sure there are travel sizes. No bigger than 3.4oz. Sometimes, I just buy toiletries when I get to my destination. It’s not always cost effective, but I’ll do anything to maintain my sanity.
  • To condense space, pack outfits that can be worn in both a casual and dressy setting. This will allow you to always be prepared for events that may come up unexpectedly.

frequent flier


There’s something about traveling that I love! It make’s my spirit happy. Huffington Post shared that traveling has the ability to increase your well-being. Which I completely agree with. Traveling allows me to challenge my boundaries and step out of my comfort zone. I find that, I am more willing to take on things that I would not have thought of exploring if I was home within my natural habitat. For example, on one of the cruise trips, I decided to hold an iguana and go swimming with sting rays all in one day. If anyone knows me, I don’t do well with wild animals so I had no business part taking in such activities, but I still did it! I will admit that the adrenaline you get while being adventurous is one in a million. I won’t say that I’ll go to the extreme to get it, but when it does naturally happen through life’s trial and error, I have learned to welcome it. 

airplaneMy favorite airline to fly with would be JetBlue. Although, they might not have arrivals and departures in every location around the world, I still check with them first before checking other airlines. JetBlue Airways Corporation, is the 6th-largest airline in the United States and did I forget to mention their low cost! I’ve purchased one way tickets for as low as $47 and have made round trips for $99. I’ve traveled with them so often, I decided to join their frequent flyer loyalty program a few years ago. It’s a program rewarding those of us who fly regularly with them or who fly long distances.  Since then, I’ve travelled close to free on two difference occasions. Yes, almost free. The points you rack up overtime is put toward the cost of the ticket, but you would still be responsible for taxes. Yup, taxes definitely suck, but looking at the glass half full, you can get a free ticket that you only had to pay taxes on. That still sounds like a win to me.

I am not as involved with any other airline travel programs, but would love to hear of other goodies some have to offer. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations on what your preferred airline to travel with is?